A mobile first lead generation platform for the travel industry

Increase your website lead conversion ratio by 25%

Increase engagement by 50% through our automated chatbot

Create efficient marketing campaigns with deep customer insights

Increase sales by 10% with our proprietary recommendations engine


Built exclusively for the travel industry.

Our platform increases direct-booking by removing friction points in the customer-booking path. Now, you can just focus on what you like to do best - delighting customers with a great experience!

No idea what a chatbot is? Read this.

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What Clients say about polaama

"Polaama has increased our qualified leads on the mobile channels by over 30%, while offering unique insights about our customers. We are excited about the partnership!"


"With Polaama, we will be available 24x7, respond automatically on Facebook and understand the needs of our customers better."


"Polaama’s Facebook chatbot will help us keep the Support work down and bring us qualified leads outside our regular business hours."


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Additional features coming soon...

Automated notifications
For customers with a booking, send automated reminders and notifications about things to bring, directions, weather, etc.

Personalized characters
From experience we know that chatbots with a character generate more leads. Makes sense right? Talking to a “personality” is more fun.

Deeper insights
Our new insight algorithm helps you increase sales via new upsell opportunities, dynamic deals to fill empty tours etc.

Flash Deals
Offer the best deals for your customers who love deals.