What is Polaama?

How do we increase your direct bookings?

Watch a 1 minute introduction of  how we help you generate more revenue! Check out our demo videos here.


Polaama is a platform for tour operators and travel agents to increase direct booking through effective customer engagement. The platform offers a personalized chatbot that can answer customer questions. A chatbot is a technology to interact with human beings and answer their questions.

The Polaama bot goes a step further. It engages in conversation with customers, connects with them and understands their needs. It will then convert this into actionable insights for you, the business owner. Think of it as a customer service support staff on steroids, vetting every single customer who visits your website and Facebook page, hand-picking those who are most likely to make a sale and generating leads from them.

Polaama can help increase your monthly revenue by as much as 40% while reducing your overall customer service support costs.